About Stories from the Fog

Stories from the Fog is all about providing a forum for our common stories of growing up in a small town, with great people, and having great fun just living life like there’s no tomorrow—joie de vivre!—exuberant enjoyment of life.

So that everyone’s experience will be richer, be sure to share your thoughts and recollections in the comments, and share some stories of your own too! If you’ve got photos you’d like to share, or other story ideas you’d like to explore, please let us know via this Contact form—we can’t wait to see what you’re thinking about!

I hope you enjoy the stories here, and ’til next time, Lâche pas la patate!*

(*) Lâche pas la patate, [Losh Pah Lah Pah-Tot]:  Don’t give up!  Keep up the good fight!  Literally: “hang on to the potato”