Time to Launch!

Time to Launch!I have decided to begin writing  (not because I’m good at it, although I hope to get better with the help of my readers)  and to put down on electronic paper the memories I enjoy recounting to my overly patient wife and friends. We all have memories, but maybe due to optimism, we don’t document them.

I know in my case, they seem trivial and I don’t think they would be interesting to others… but they were fun at the time (sometimes), and seem to be interesting to others (sometimes). Maybe they’re just being polite? Well, what the heck. At least my family will have some record of my mis-spent youth!

My goal is to write a weekly story; not in chronological order–but, just as they come to mind during the week. What brought this on was the fact that my wife has been after me for years to document my stories… she finds them funny or scary or interesting, and that’s one of the reasons I love her!

Several of my professors had even mentioned that I should consider a career in journalism, which I shrugged off at the time thinking I was going to be a rocket scientist (dream big, they say!). So I’ll give it a shot here where it can be a training ground with you, my friends and family, giving me your opinions about the material. And let me know your honest opinions, ’cause I believe what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I think I’ll post the first one later today; the weather has brought me back to a place and time 40 years ago…